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Icon Contemplaters

Think ICONS!

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Welcome to the most lackadaisical Icon Challenge community on LJ! We only have challenges once a month whenever we feel like it here so there's always plenty of time to make icons and vote! Please join us and participate!

You do not have to be an icon-maker to join and participate! Voters are needed, too!

~The Rules~

* Only members can vote or submit icons.

* Members can submit three icons per challenge unless otherwise noted.

* All submissions must fit LJ standards - 100 X 100 and all that.

* Members can use brushes, templates or gradients, text and animation. Remember: A base is just a base.

* Icons must be submitted by a leaving a comment in the entry announcing the challenge. The submission should include the icon and/or a link to the icon. All comments to the challenge posts will be screened.

* When voting, no icon self-love, please. You can vote for your friends, but please don't create multiple accounts to upset the voting process.

* This is all in good fun but common courtesy should prevail. If you don't like an icon, don't vote for it. If you do, don't steal it.

* All winners will be presented with banners!

* There will be four category winners for each challenge (unless otherwise specified):
1) First Place
2) Second Place
3) Third Place
4) Mod's Choice

* All challenges run until specified.



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